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  • A growing body of research has begun to voice misgivings about the Internet and social media’s role in exacerbating isolation, depression, and addictive behaviors.
  •  However, the question is, what exactly is occurring while the Internet is beginning to destroy professional politics and the values the Internet disseminates are racism, nationalism, and conformity of thought? Powerful countries like China and Russia have used the Internet to mislead the public, creating illusions of mass support or exposing particular targets.
  • The concept of a decentralized internet offers an alternative to combat social media issues.


Article intéressant, quelques notes ci-dessous
  • This strategy to constantly restrict post exposure is done to get people to pay for ads. Every time Facebook reduces reach its stock price goes up.
  • All this points to the fact that Facebook doesn’t care about its users or creators. The only thing on their mind is to increase revenue for their own business.

Selon le psychologue BJ Fogg de Stanford, trois conditions doivent être remplies si vous voulez que quelqu’un fasse quelque chose:

  1. Une motivation: il faut que les gens veuillent quelque chose.
  2. Un moyen: vous devez donner aux gens la possibilité de faire cette chose. Plus facile, mieux c’est.
  3. Un déclencheur: vous devez inciter les gens à faire la chose.


  • The moderators include some full-time employees, but Facebook relies heavily on contract labor to do the job. Ellen Silver, Facebook’s vice president of operations, said in a blog post last year that the use of contract labor allowed Facebook to “scale globally” — to have content moderators working around the clock, evaluating posts in more than 50 languages, at more than 20 sites around the world.
  • The lockers occupy a narrow hallway that, during breaks, becomes choked with people. To protect the privacy of the Facebook users whose posts they review, workers are required to store their phones in lockers while they work.